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Frequently Asked Questions

Before placing a bid you must be a member and register at There is no registration fee at this time. But all bids must be serious inquiries with intention to buy upon win.

How to Proxy BId:

A Proxy bid means that you bid an amount that is higher than necessary. The BuyRepos software will raise your actual bid to the minimum necessary, but will remember your maximum. If someone else comes along and tries to outbid you, the BuyRepos software will automatically place additional bids on your behalf up to the value of your proxy bid. This means you can stay on top of the bidding without having to be near a computer. Here's how you do it:

1. Find the item you'd like to bid on -either by browsing the categories down the left of your screen, or by using the search box just below the navigation bar:

2. To place a bid, enter your chosen amount into the "Place Bid" field in the item listing: Click the Place Bid button to continue.

3. The bid confirmation screen will display the minimum bid needed (standard bid) and will allow you to adjust your bid accordingly:

a. If you wish to place a standard bid, adjust your bid to match the Minimum Bid value shown

b. If you wish to place a proxy bid, enter your maximum bid into the Your Bid field

4. You will now see confirmation that you are the high bidder or a message telling you that you have been outbid, or that you bid is below the reserve price.

In order to complete and pick up your purchase(s), You will need the following:

Certified check or Cash

Drivers License

Proof of Insurance

Registration and License plate(if transferring a plate)

The following payment methods are accepted.


Must be able to show proof of dealer license.

If you are only an agent for a dealer you must have complete appt of agent form with legible drivers license copy of dealer.

Cash or Certified Check

There are no warranties on anything sold on

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